About this Course

The art of staying sane during a crisis

Why Take this Course

Taking this course means you're making an investment in enhancing your overall wellbeing to reduce your anxiety, regulate your body, and enhance your neuroplasticity by mastering cognitive skills and integrating new cognitive self-care habits into your daily and weekly routines. 

  • You will learn different methods for biohacking your nervous system to immediately reduce stress & anxiety
  • You will learn how to reframe anxious thoughts to ones that better serve your wellbeing
  • You will learn how to process uncomfortable emotions that you've avoided, blocked, or dismissed
  • You will learn how to unblock trapped emotional energy in your body
  • You will learn how to regain control over your thoughts with simple cognitive practices
  • You will learn how to master staying in abundance mentality
  • You will learn how to integrate new cognitive self-care habits into your daily and weekly routines

Who this Course is For

This course is for Everyday Humans who are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. You should take this course if you:

  • are internally motivated to learn and grow
  • are goal-oriented
  • are ready and willing to change your thought patterns and handle emotions in a healthier manner
  • appreciate having clear processes and frameworks for handling various challenges
  • want to work at your own pace on your personal growth
  • want to leverage holistic techniques for soothing your nervous system
  • want to enhance your cognitive skills and neuroplasticity

Course Format

This is a self-paced online course giving you the opportunity to take in the material and integrate the new habits on the schedule that works best for your life. 

  • 1 hour 40 minutes of Beautiful Video Presentations
  • 20 Minute Guided Body Scan Meditation
  • 30 Day Everyday Human Planner PDF Download
  • 10+ PDF Downloads
  • Critical Questioning Prompts
  • Suggested Reading
  • Additional Wellness Resources
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Why You Should Take this Course

to help manage your anxiety

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • 2
    Anxiety & Control
    • Anxiety & Control
    • 30 Day PDF of Everyday Human
  • 3
    Biohacking Your Nervous System
    • Calm Modus 1
    • Calm Modus 1 - Download
    • Calm Modus 2
    • Calm Modus 2 - Download
    • Calm Modus 3
    • Calm Modus 3 - Guided
    • Calm Modus 3 - Download
  • 4
    Emotional Granularity
    • Overheard in Therapy
    • Core Emotions
    • Check-In Modus
    • Emotional Granularity
    • Emotional Granularity Modus
    • Check-In Challenge
  • 5
    Addressing Anxiety Modus
    • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    • Addressing Anxiety Modus
  • 6
    Processing Uncomfortable Emotions
    • Processing Uncomfortable Emotions
    • Catch & Release Modus
  • 7
    Reframing Anxious Thoughts
    • Reframing Anxious Thoughts
    • Control Modus
  • 8
    Flipping Mentalities
    • The Two Mentalities
    • Abundant Modus
    • Quick Quiz
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Everyday Human

this course is an extension of this planner

Meet Your Instructor

Elizabeth Fischer

Wellness Entrepreneur & CBT Coach

Elizabeth is your instructor for this course. She's also the Founder of ZerModus and a certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach. ZerModus is a mission-driven brand focusing on helping people design their state of mind for better outcomes and more fulfilling lives.

‘Modus’ means a way of doing things. Elizabeth designs different Modus’s (a methoifor you to adopt and integrate into your personal habits and daily routines that lead to personal growth and high achievement. 

Elizabeth’s work has been featured in HuffPost, Mashable, PopSci, D Magazine, among other notable publications. Her unique background lends itself to an exceptionally pragmatic point of view by combining expertise in communications, design thinking, and over a decade of learnings from consulting with world-leading evidence-based behavioral health practitioners. 

This course was created to offer up the tools, resources, and information that have been the most enlightening and impactful in my life. Mental health is something I have always been deeply passionate about and what lead to creating the Everyday Human planner which is the first-ever recovery planner in 2013. This course is an extension of this cognitive care planner.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelors's degree in Art History and Psychology from Southern Methodist University, an Executive MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutger’s University, and a professional certification in facilitating Design Thinking workshops.


From Everyday Humans

from Peyton M.

Everyday Human Review

from Peyton M.

This planner is so much more than I ever hoped it would be. Not only did it help me recover from a very dark moment in my life by providing me with the structure and support to explore the pain deeply, but it also helped me set up healthy habits to maintain a better understanding of my mental health. I cannot recommend this planner enough, you won’t regret it.
from Roderick

Everyday Human Review

from Roderick

It's really well designed and the layout asks you to show up every day! I don't but I do write notes and keep all the pages filled with something. I'm getting into a rhythm with it and at some point, I hope to be filling out the full page for the day.
Mary C.

Everyday Human Review

Mary C.

My friend recommended this planner during a particularly rough time in my life & for that I am forever grateful. This planner helps me stay consistent & structured with my self work. The mood/ tracker along with the evening check in’s are a great tool to use for therapy- I review my week before I see my therapist which has lead to a lot more productive sessions since using this planner. This product has changed my life forever

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