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This free intro course is the first chapter of diving into the world of complex problem solving and solution design. It was designed using the POEPE training framework, a framework created by the ZerModus Founder and Course Instructor that is designed to set people up for success in the most thorough and practical manner possible. The POEPE training framework stands for:

Priming Yourself Emotionally, Physically & Mentally

Observation & Interviewing

Empathizing with Your Audience

Practicing Your Role

Executing Your Role

The full course will be released at a later date. It will take you through adopting the role of a complex problem solver and solution designer by going through each of the steps in the POEPE training framework. 

Why you should take this free intro course:

  • You should take this course if you want job security and to be indispensable to your organization. 
  • You want to become a more competent, confident and effective problem solver within your organization. 
  • You want to master the art of daily visualization of your goals.

What's we will cover in this course:

  • Overview of the POEPE Training Framework
  • Deciding What you Stand For
  • Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Determining What Motivates You
  • Acknowledging Your Fears
  • The Art of Daily Visualization

Course curriculum

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    Welcome Everyday Visionaries!
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    Let's get started!
    • Chapter One: Mission, Motivation & Vision
    • Chapter One Solution Designer Workbook
    • Test your learning
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    Next Steps...
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Meet Your Instructor

For the CCPS-SD Course

  • Elizabeth Fischer

    Founder & Course Creator

    Elizabeth Fischer

    Elizabeth is a second generation Texan Entrepreneur, who is devoted to designing systems, experiences and information that empowers people. Elizabeth is the creator of the Everyday Visionary and Everyday Human planners which are 12-week American made, dateless daily planners that help people capture tangible moments of achievement and personal growth. She’s also the creator of POEPE©, which is a training framework designed to set people up for success in leadership, sales, and fundraising. Since its launch in 2017, ZerModus has been featured in multiple publications including HuffPost, D Magazine, Popular Science, Mashable, Gadget Flow, Dallas Business Journal and several other media outlets. Elizabeth has also spoken at various organizations as a featured speaker, a panelist sharing her experience and insights gained as a creator, entrepreneur and mental health advocate. Elizabeth is a supporter of the arts, inclusion and equality in business, and mental health awareness. Elizabeth is the 2020 Gala Chair for Equest (non-profit) and sits on their Board in an Ex-Officio role. Previously, she served on the Dallas Cattle Barron’s Underwriting Committee for two years fundraising for the American Cancer Society. She’s an SMU graduate with an Executive MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutger's Executive School of Education. Elizabeth is an avid horse lover and happy dog Mom to her German Shorthaired Pointer, JoJo.